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Welcome To Raffi's Fine Jewelry

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Welcome to Raffi's Fine Jewelry

Raffi's Fine Jewelry has been in business since 1991 and has reached great success made possible by the Founder, Mr. Raffi Torossian. Mr. Torossian has over 30 years of experience in the industry and his commitment to the three basic values in the Jewelry business, Quality, Value and Trust. Our integrity is based on our traditional way of doing business, where our main focus is to create long term relationships with our clients.

Raffi's Custom Jewelry

Raffi's love of jewelry manufacturing and his creative skills were discovered at an early age. He built his reputation by channeling this innate artistic ability toward the needs and desires of his clients. He has a notable ability of being able to transform Though-Into-Art. Raffi is personally involved in all custom designs by working with you in creating a unique art that will be special and personal.

At Raffi's Fine Jewelry we offer the following services right on the premises:

Custom Jewelry Designs
Jewelry Repairs
Watch Repairs
Pearl Re-stringing
Estate and Consignment Jewelry

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